Picture1R.J. Palano has been a real estate investor for over 30 years and has acquired and sold or held literally over 1000 properties. He has authored 3 books on real estate investing and has taught many other investors the secrets he has learned over his long career.

RJ is always willing to help those either just starting out or those needing a little direction from someone that has already been there.

Just contact RJ and he will respond to you.

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    Dear RJ
    I am a private individual hailing from Singapore. Whilst browsing the web researching for information on how a foreigner may be able to purchase residential properties in USA, I stumbled across your website http://www.buycashflowproperties.com.
    I have an investable sum of USD100,000 & would like to explore its possibilities within the distressed residential property market.
    I do understand that you have a affinity to Atlanta. I am ok with that as long of course, the case is compelling.
    I did register my details to request for a copy of your “Buy Right Retire Rich”, but nothing arrives in my inbox.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely, Kian

  2. Rod

    Hi, I recently retired and was trying to figure out which way to set up my retirement. I like the solo 401k as a pay myself a small annual $300.00 salary to manage my existing rental properties. I was told that all I have to do is to get some earned income on schedule C and I would qualify for a solo 401k. Can you tell me if this is correct and can you set these up or refer me to someone. I read your article on Land Trusts and was wondering if a person could put existing properties mortgaged or not into Land Trusts to protect from lawsuits. I am in Ca. and they want $800.00 a year for an LLC for each property. Huge expense.

    Thank You

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