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The Basics of Home Staging as a Career

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Home staging continues to be touted as a hot career, a quick and easy transition from a predictable, boring job to one that is creative and flexible. In the present economy staging has become the beacon for anyone searching out that ‘something new’. Interior designers are branching into staging. Event planners are adding the service into their offerings. It seems everyone wants to be a stager today. Perhaps it’s all those HGTV shows that glamorize the industry and make it look easy.

Is it really that easy? Can you learn to be a stager in three or five days? If your design business is faltering in the present economy, can you just switch gears and become an overnight success? Can you really just “add on” a service like staging?

Let’s look at the basics. Staging is a profession. Granted it is not licensed like interior design but there is a member governed trade association, the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). So there is a professional “conscience” to the industry. If you think you want to be a stager, membership in this organization is a good place to start. There are also many local RESA chapters, so join locally as well as nationally.

If you’ve run a business before then you know the basics. If not, if you’re completely switching gears from working for a large company to becoming an entrepreneur then start thinking like one. Create a business plan. Yes this is annoying and hard but it’s essential. You must have a concrete idea about what you want to do, how you want to do it and where you want to go with your business. Create a vision statement to go along with that plan. How do you see your company? Where will you be in five years? Next comes the mission statement. What defines you and your service? What makes you different?

Get on the Internet and google ‘how to create a business plan’. Ask a friend who is a successful small business owner to share their vision statement and business plan with you. SCORE is a wonderful organization filled with professionals offering free advice and help. Get on the phone, get on the Internet and get started!

Virtual Staging – Change a Vacant House into a Sold House

Vacant homes take on a new and profitable dynamic with computerized staging.

In what is arguably a buyer’s market, it is more important than ever to present your home in its best possible light.  And a vacant house is a lonely house – losing the warmth of family, friends and memories that furniture and accessories unconsciously provide.

But what if you simply don’t want the expense of outfitting an entire house, or even part of a house, with furniture that needs to be rented on a monthly basis? The answer is quite inventive, and not too surprising. Welcome to the computer age.

One of the most revolutionary ideas to emerge from the digital age is the advent of virtual staging. What this means is a vacant house is digitized with furniture, accessories and art.  The results, if done well, are truly amazing.  And no one does it better than Virtually Staging Properties.  Helmed by owner Jay Bell, the Atlanta-based company’s patent-pending software creates unbelievably realistic rooms, as can be seen from the before and after photos in the accompanying slideshow. And prices are reasonable too:  three rooms are $225; five are $325.

The impact this technique has on selling a home cannot be over-emphasized. Adding staged rooms to websites,virtual tours and brochures dramatically increases the sell potential of houses plagued with empty rooms.

About Author:- Scott Roes is a Realtor, Real Estate Investor & Home Remodeling/Design in Phoenix & Scottsdale. Scott has helped sell homes 78% faster with home staging. Scott buy Scottsdale and Phoenix homes fast for cash, no matter your home is pretty or ugly, close within 7 days. sell scottsdale home for cash and Sell Phoenix Home Fast or Call 602.696.4570