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Are You A Good or Bad HOA?

Are you a good HOA? Or are you a bad HOA? They are not all created equal. Generally when we sell a home in a subdivision that has an HOA, the buyers don’t get all the HOA rules and regulation until after the closing. Well, they need to see them first. You need to know what you are getting into!

A couple years ago I sold a home to a first time home buyer. He worked for a heating and air conditioning company, and drove a company truck. Well in this particular subdivision, you cannot park a vehicle with advertising on it in your drive way. Well, the truck was about 10 inches too tall to get into the garage with the ladders and etc. on it. We drove around the neighborhood, and seen at least 15 vehicles sitting in driveways. Cable companies, etc. A very clean and nice looking sub-division. They knew going in what the rules were, and they wanted to buy anyway. First week after they moved in, they got the letter! They are still there, so guess they worked it out…but had me thinking.

I totally understand the reasoning behind a HOA. It is to keep the neighborhood clean and appealing to keep the home values up, and some offer amenities that the average home owner cannot afford, such as a swimming pool or tennis court, and keep the common areas looking nice. It keeps your neighbors from having the sofa on the front porch, and the toilet planter at the street, and grass a foot tall.

But saying you can’t work for a company, and drive a company car, that won’t fit into your garage? Remember, we are talking Austin and the surrounding area…Builders don’t build garages large enough for anything except small cars or small trucks generally. I can understand if you drive a semi truck, you can’t get that in a drive way, and I imagine it would block driveways parked in the street… But, I wouldn‘t mind knowing that my neighbor works for the local cable company, or is a plumber…or they know that I am a REALTOR®.

I have a client that lives in a gated community, and they are not allowed to have wreaths on their doors. Now that is brutal! No holiday wreaths!

When builders build a subdivision, generally a HOA group is assigned, and after the subdivision is built out, they will elect officers. This is the time to remember to that this is your subdivision. Rules can be added or taken away if it is put before the board and voted on at a meeting. Get involved in your community! You don’t have to be an officer if you don’t want to be, but the officers always need help, and would welcome your involvement.