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Home Selling Tips: Know How to Stage Your Home for a Fast Sale

Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting and often overwhelming task. The most important thing that matters while selling a home is appearance. That’s where the role of home staging comes in. Home staging is a method of decorating that is designed to showcase the home’s best assets, impress buyers and to sell home quickly for a relevant price.

Here are some key DIY staging strategies that will help you in selling your home quickly and for the highest possible price.

Staging Ideas for Selling Your Home Fast

Improve Curb Appeal of Your House- There’s no doubt about that – First impression is the last impression. Therefore improving curb appeal of your house is very important. Boost curb appeal of your house by following these tips-

  • Wash siding, walkways and front windows.
  • Trim your lawn and plant blooming flowers.
  • Post easy-to read house numbers.
  • Paint front doors and change old mailbox with new one.

Reduce Clutter- Ridding your home of clutter is another simple way to get buyers to focus on your house. Removing clutter will make your house look larger and younger. If your rooms are crowded then take away bigger and less attractive pieces of furniture from your room. This will open up space in your room. Keep extra things of the room in a small, rented storage unit.Reduce Clutter

Improve Lighting of Your House- One of the things that makes staged homes look so warm and welcoming is good lighting. Try to add pendent fixtures in dining rooms and eating areas. Add ambient lighting in the areas where there is no overhead outlets. Don’t depend on one or two fixtures for each room.Improve Lighting

Clean Your House- No one will buy a house that is smelly and dirty. Therefore make sure that your house shines from top to bottom. Give special attention on appliances, inside and outside of cupboards, base boards and windows. Every surface should sparkle.Clean Home

Make Improvements in your Kitchen and Bathroom- Remove all appliances from your kitchen counter. Keep your counters clear. Clean all the appliances. Clean your cabinets and fridge. Repaint your cabinets if needed. Add plants to your kitchen. Clean flooring of your kitchen.


Replace broken and cheap hardware such as drawer pulls, faucet handles and shower heads with new ones. Give a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom. There should be no water stains and dripping faucets. Bring new set of towels in your bathroom. Recoat your old bathtub.

Some Important Things to Consider

  • Replace broken and worn out things with new ones and make necessary repairs.
  • Do not use scents right before showings as smells that are pleasing to you may be off- putting for potential buyers.

About Author:-  Tina Barton with The Barton Group have been working in real estate for over 10 years and helping people find and sell their dream home in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and the surrounding area.