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Investments You Must Dump






In this report, I’m going to give you some hard-hitting, practical action plans to safeguard your life’s savings and investment capital.

The worst of the economic crisis plaguing the United States is not behind us – the worst is yet to come.

This is not time to be complacent and listen to ECONOMIST, Wall Street, Bureaucrats, or your banker and accept what they say as the gospel truth.  For a variety of reasons, which I will explain, they all have reasons to mislead you.

The debt crisis created by the funny money being printed by the Federal Reserve is now center state and driving this economy on the road to perdition.  In the pages ahead, I will appeal to your sense of logic and guide you to see what the GOVERNMENT and Wall Street don’t want you to know.  Armed with knowledge, you will be able to protect your assets and take advantage of the opportunities created only if you take decisive action now.

1.      The Lies of the GOVERNMENT and Wall Street

The so called “recovery” of the US economy is a sham and was bought and paid for by trillions of dollars of stimulus and funny money.  Despite the GOVERNMENT’s effort to keep interest rates low, they are actually increasing and it’s getting hard to borrow money.

Politicians and Bureaucrats need us to believe they are saving the day or they could lose their jobs.  We have already had the real estate crises with its lingering effects causing the greatest buying opportunity in our lifetime.

It’s the government debt crisis that has taken center stage and it’s coming to a town near you.

Fed Chief, Ben Bernake is on a mad money experiment with no let up in sight.  Since the American dollar was created in 1792, we’ve had 44 recessions.  But, we never printed money like we’ve done in the last 27 months.  The implications to our future buying power in America are terrifying and there is no one rich enough to bail out Uncle Sam.  Washington has already spent 3.7 trillion in bailouts and stimulus with more to come.

Bank failures are at pandemic levels far worse that 2008-2009 with more than 2000 teetering on the precipice with hundreds falling off the cliff.  In no way can the FDIC bail all of these banks out.  When you take into consideration that over 16% of the American work force is unemployed or underemployed, you know we have a problem.

To preserve what you have and increase what you’ve got, read on…

2.      Investments You Must Dump to Avoid Catastrophe

States, cities and counties throughout the US are broke and are laying off thousands of employees.  Look around you – they are speeding toward the greatest debt disaster in history.  Their debt loads have destroyed their ability to raise money through bonds and the value of municipal bonds has tanked.

The massive cut backs they must make will gut police forces, firefighters, libraries and every other sector of State, City and County workforces.

California is $28 billion behind the eight ball with predictions of $20 billion shortfall for the next five years.

Arizona sold off the Supreme Court building, the Capital Building and Legislative Building and has become a tenant.  Illinois has already raised state income taxes.  Other states in deep trouble and fighting for survival are New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, Maine, and Mississippi.

What should you do?

Get out of the bond market of every kind as fast as you can.  Don’t even consider investments in municipal, corporate, government agency or Treasury bonds.

Your Federal, State, City and County governments are broke and in the shitter and the first thing you need to do is dump or stop investing in their worthless paper.

3.      What  You Should Do Right Now

This is America’s day of reckoning and by acting now you could pile up more money in the next three years than you did in the last ten.  Crisis creates opportunity and while there is economic pain for many, there is incredible opportunity for those that heed these words.

More than ever you need to personally oversee your investments and use your own logic to make decisions.
Never buy into the FALACY that over time the stock market will earn returns of 12% or 10% or anything.  The world is full of horror stories of investors that needed their money when the market tanked and you don’t want to be one of them

The Dow Jones is hovering around 12,000 and it wasn’t that long ago it plunged to 6500.  Could it happen again?  You betcha!

CEOs would never want you to know the real truth of how their stocks are performing because the value of their shares would suffer if everyone sold.

Rating companies of stocks, like Moody’s and S&P, have a conflict of interest as their ratings are bought and paid for by the very companies they rate.

Here’s what you can do to save yourself right now:         

–          Raise cash

–          Dump bonds

–          Dump stocks

–          Get your money out of weak banks

–          Buy hard assets

–          Keep reading

4.      What Should I Do with My Retirement Account?

The first thing you have to do is take responsibility for your financial future.  No one cares more about your money than you do, so why would you ever listen to a stock broker or someone advising you to buy mutual funds?  Mutual funds are for people who don’t want to think and hope they picked a good mutual fund manager.

Hope is not a strategy.

If you have an Ira or 401(k), then make sure you can self-direct it into the investments that you select.  The idea that Merrill Lynch allows you to pick between different funds is not self-directing at all.

Most of the people in power to manage your money have a powerful incentive for you not to know the truth.

A self-directed IRA or pension plan allows you to lend money, buy options and buy real estate.

We can help you create or rearrange your IRA or pension plan so you can be completely self-directed.

Keep reading about these…

5.      Three Ways You Can Prosper in Real Estate Right Now!

Real estate is a hard asset and it is on fire sale right now in the good old USA.  That doesn’t mean you should throw a dart at the board and hope for the best.

First of all, there are several types of real estate and we flat out like houses for cash flow and growth.  Well-selected, well-managed houses will provide a dividend every month in the form of rent.  But knowing what to buy is not nearly as important as “where to buy”.

The greatest long term benefits of real estate are created by acquiring properties in the path of progress.  If you are looking for long term growth and safe, predictable income, you buy where people are moving to – not from.

Avoid houses that are in old neighborhoods with declining populations and in high property tax states.

Buy in climates that attract the 10,000 baby boomers that are retiring every day for the next 19 years, where job growth is attainable because of a variety of factors like weather, location, transportation and state fiscal business.

OK, OK we love the areas around Atlanta, GA for all of the above reasons and more.  Low property taxes, low insurance in a pro-business state makes it an easy choice.  But there’s more; a plethora of newer houses that can be bought for pennies on the dollar with high cash flow has our attention.

Investors are able to make double digit returns with limited risk and high expectations of additional significant profit on sale.

Contact us today at or (813) 435-1551 Ext 1010 to find out more about:

  1. Buying turnkey, hassle-free properties completely managed for you,
  2. Transitional financing using your money for 24-28 hours earning annual yields of over 300%
  3. Partnering up on large REO pools or individual properties.

I hope you found this report useful, but it’s only as good as the action you take.

Call me today at (813) 435-1551 Ext 1010 for a free personal consultation on every aspect of the information contained herein.  Whether it’s helping you create a self directing IRA account/Pension Plan or getting you involved in turn-key properties, or lending, we can help.  Visit the website for an abundance of information.

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