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All You Need to Know About Home Staging

With Home Staging, you put on your side all the assets to sell well. Home Staging is a concept born in the United States 30 years ago. It has established itself in Canada, in England and in Sweden, and the figures speak for themselves. Home Staging is even tax deductible in Sweden.

Home Staging Objectives:

– The Home Staging makes it possible to value a real estate in order to create a favorite of the buyer and thus, to obtain a quick and advantageous sale following an inexpensive service.

-Thanks to real estate marketing and interior decoration techniques (disencumbering, storing, repairing, depersonalizing, cleaning, arranging and harmonizing), Home Staging helps to strengthen the attractiveness of the property put on sale. Thus, any motive of negotiation is eliminated and the imprint of the owner is attenuated to present a neutral decoration to the possible purchaser.

– Home Staging is an investment with an immediate return, right from the sale of the property.


It is a development of your real estate capital, therefore an increase in your wealth. The price of goods falls and adjusts to the market. Arhome is an opportunity for sellers. One must anticipate to stand out from other goods in order to sell quickly and better.


– In 2005, a property highlighted by a home stager sold twice as fast. In 2007, it sells 5 times faster and in 2009, 8 times faster!

– 98% of the realtors interviewed on Brive confirm that valuation before the sale is paramount to sell quickly and better!

– A home staging service reduces the trading rate by more than 10% for an investment of 1 to 2%.

– 71% of Anglo-Saxon homeowners use home staging services prior to the sale of their property on the market.

– Of 2000 realtors surveyed: 91% recommend home staging to increase the value and speed of property sales. 48% believe that a home staging increases the market value of the property by more than 5000 dollars.

– According to the results of the ASP study (June to November 2016) of 400 sales: 93% sale in less than a month.

Know the current market to position its property!
The real estate market remains a needs market with many people who sell to buy and who are in a hurry.

Not to mention the Dordogne confronted with the massive departures of English struck by the crisis. Despite a further decline, logical given the context, by -10.8% in December, the number of new properties put up for sale remains up by 6.6% over the year as a whole.

Discover the study of the economic observatory of the Brive basin on real estate in 2016

Are there buyers?

Yes of course !

The real estate market is a necessity market where the need to change housing can not be indefinitely postponed. The shortage of housing and the reluctance to pay rent at all costs leave no alternative to the acquisition.

Following a study, it was found that the buyers are well there, in waiting position. Most do not believe in the sirens of a possible 30% crash to start, but are willing to settle for a small drop of a few% to decide.

A number of investors (they represent in the former nearly 15% of buyers) are vaccinated or even disgusted by the stock market, its disappointments and its scandals. They will surely turn to real estate, a placement considered safer, taking advantage of lower prices in progress and more favorable credit conditions, in order to benefit from the sudden drag on the construction that will inevitably draw rents In the coming years.

Conditions (of price and credit) becoming more attractive, will constitute a trigger to the act of purchase. The trading rate granted by sellers increased from an average of around 6.5% at the beginning of 2008 to 9% in the last quarter of 2015.
In 2016, the economic observatory of the country of Brive noted a price reduction of 10 to 15%. According to the professionals of the real estate, in May 2016, we exceed the 20%.

As well as the share of goods sold at the asking price, which went from about 1 in 3 to only 1 in 4 at the end of the financial year 2008. Today, no goods are sold at the asking price and the deadlines do not stop To lie down.