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Were You Raised in a Barn?

How can people have no pride? Isn’t concept of being clean just common sense? You don’t have to look at too many foreclosure properties to wonder about people. Folks letting their homes get so bad. No… “Bad” doesn’t even cover it…filthy, nasty, disgusting, and unsanitary. If you can’t afford a vacuum cleaner…Don’t buy a home. […]

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How to Find Best Professional Carpet Cleaner in Phoenix AZ

When it comes to searching for a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company (from over 250 plus in the Phoenix, AZ area), it is easy to stumble upon professional cleaning companies representing many levels of quality. Consequently, many customers have historically been wary of who they hire for their specific cleaning needs. How do you […]

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The Basics of Home Staging as a Career

Home staging continues to be touted as a hot career, a quick and easy transition from a predictable, boring job to one that is creative and flexible. In the present economy staging has become the beacon for anyone searching out that ‘something new’. Interior designers are branching into staging. Event planners are adding the service […]

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How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market

Selling anything in this world is a very tough job. On the contrary some have the knack to sell things and do wonders at selling. Wish everyone was that lucky. On the same lines house is one place where selling can be a herculean task.   The house is one huge investment and not just keeping […]

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