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Property Management

Property Management Books have been written, seminars are given but nothing takes the place of experience in the field of property management. So much information is obvious to the experienced property manager and most pitfalls can be avoided.  Never under estimate how much trouble one bad tenant can cause you. When you manage hundreds of […]

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The Art of Negotiations

Negotiations Introduction Modeling & Bonding Human Relations Skills Control the Negotiation Negotiation: to deal or bargain with others; to arrange for by settlement of terms. A lot has been written or said about negotiations.  My remarks will be germaine to the house buying business, but can be applied to every other area of sales and […]

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5 Tips before Investing your IRA in House Foreclosures

5 Tips before Investing your IRA in House Foreclosures: The greatest benefit of a self-directed retirement account is that you can choose an expanded list of investments.  Since 1974, you can invest directly into Real Estate and real estate by-products, i.e.: mortgages, options, leases and more.  You can also buy REO properties and properties at […]

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Buying REOs

Buying REOs REOs are properties that have been foreclosed on by the lender and the properties are now owned by the lender.  The lender doesn’t want these houses and in some cases they don’t want to take them off their books because of cash reserve issues.  You see, banks are able to lend money based […]

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