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Passive Investing

Passive Investing

Passive investing is like owning a business.  You put up the money and leverage the efforts of everyone else.  Think about it.  You hire someone to find the properties, someone to manage the properties and you recieve the money.  What a concept!

That’s what money can do for you and once you have some, it’s important to keep it invested and make more.  The idea of Passive Investing is to have your money work for you.  You can still be involved but the idea of having money in a savings account is ridiculous because it gets eaten away by inflation.  If you can see your money on a bank statement than it’s not invested.

The key as always is to buy the right investments.

We like real estate – plain and simple and we especially like houses.  Everyone needs a place to live but they don’t need an office or a retail store.  Everyone sleeps in a bed and those beds are in houses.  Houses have a utility purpose which we like a lot better than a bar of gold, stock, or CD’s.  Houses pay rent.  Gold collects dust.  Stocks are volatile – Houses, well located continue to pay rent.  CD’s pay 1% interest.  You can pay all cash for houses and you should get double digit returns.

In today’s economy, there is nothing better than houses for Passive Investing.

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