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Risk Management Solutions – Tyson Edou Civil

We essentially act as your risk manager and loss control specialist while teaching your staff how to manage your own program.  We work with you, your agent or broker and the insurance carrier to make sure everyone is on the same page and has the same goals.  This simple process can drive down every ones costs and serves to assure the underwriter that your business is actively engaged in preventing claims and in managing them when they do occur.

Some of the things we do to help you control insurance-related costs:

  • We coordinate with the underwriter or broker to learn what their major concerns are and how they would like to see them addressed;
  • We identify specific loss control and internal administration requirements suited to the specific needs of your organization and recommend steps to meet those needs;
  • SC Risk Management Consulting provides employee training and coaching to show them the most effective ways to recognize risks and reduce exposures to damage or injury;
  • We teach your employees how to administer workers’ compensation, general liability, property casualty insurance programs and how to handle claims;
  • We coach your administrative personnel how to deal with expensive, disruptive law suits, attorney’s demands and when to involve an attorney to represent your interests;
  • If needed, we create a written loss control manual with procedures for your employees to follow;
  • We conduct follow-up surveys on a regularly scheduled basis to assure the carriers under writer that the recommendations have been addressed and to identify new hazards or changed conditions.
  • SC Risk Management Consultants recommends reasonable, affordable steps that can be taken to reduce specific exposures.  You or your agent can share these reports with the insurance carrier to demonstrate your active involvement in loss prevention and risk management.

About Author:- The guest post is by a former Tyson Edou Civil management Consultant at Premier Solutions Group. Tyson Edou Civil share some experience with Management Solutions for your Business.