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Why You Should Try Facebook Boosting (and How to Do It)?

I have a Realtor Friend (Scott Roes) who is constantly building his real estate business and brand with Facebook boosts. I’ve never tried it, mainly because I didn’t know how.  Now that I’m writing this blog though, I decided to give it a shot and walk you through the process and results.  So…Here goes!

First, I’ve got to say that I shouldn’t have feared the ‘I don’t know how to do it’ part.  Facebook makes it ridiculously easy (no big surprise).  Let’s walk through the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to Your Facebook Business Page

Hopefully you have a business page on Facebook.  If not, you’ll want to make one.

Step 2 – Write Some Captivating Content

No pressure, right?  This step is crucial though.  Start by asking yourself the question – who are you trying to reach with your boosted post?  Are you trying to attract a home buyer?  A home seller?  Who SPECIFICALLY are you looking for?  Think about that target person and write some content that you feel would capture that person’s attention.

Write something Compelling: For me, I’m targeting that first time buyer who thinks they can’t buy because they don’t have enough money.  We have a down payment assistance program in my area that, combined with seller assistance, can cover almost all of their upfront costs, so I’m using that to grab their attention.

Step 3 – Go Graphic

Pictures draw attention, so try to include a graphic that will capture their interest.  For my post, I used pictures of a house bought by a client this week with a text overlay that will (hopefully) peak interest.

 Step 4 – Boost

Now comes the boosting time.  Thankfully, Facebook gives you a lot of options to let you get more bang for your buck.  First, you want to pick who your target audience is.  You can select either ‘People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends’ or ‘People You Choose Through Targeting’.  I’m trying to reach a specific demographic, so I’m picking ‘People you Choose Through Targeting’. The rest of the items in the box let you get really specific on who you want to see your post.  You can select one or multiple geographic areas (just type in the city or state name – it should recognize it and let you click the ‘proper’ one), the age range and the gender if desired.  You could pick special interests but I don’t really know how that works, so at this beginner stage, I skipped it.

Once you decide who you want to see your post, you now get to decide how much you’re willing to pay.  Facebook will give you some price ranges to pick from, but you can use the dropdown arrow and select “Choose your Own” to type in the amount you’re willing to spend.  I picked $10. This part is pretty cool.  When you put in the price you’re willing to pay, Facebook will give you a number of how many people your post will likely reach at that price.  This gives you the option of paying more or less to get a balance that works for you. Once you’ve done that, select the duration for your boost, enter your credit card info if it’s not already there, and hit Set Budget.

Step 5 – Sit Back and Watch

That’s it!  Now you get to see what happens.  Truthfully, seeing this is my first venture into this, I don’t know how it will pan out.  I already see some things I would do differently next time (better ‘call to action’ than just my e-mail address, maybe a different time period), but I feel this was a pretty good first try.  Wish me luck!


So…I ran this boost as a test a week ago, and I planned to update this blog post as it went along but I didn’t have time because I was so crazy busy responding to the people that contacted me from it.  Really – the response was HUGE! I started out investing $10.  Facebook gives you the option to add to that as the campaign goes on though, and – seeing I was getting so much bang for the buck – I did.  I added $6 more giving me a total investment of $16.

This is what I got for that $16 invested.  7,180 people saw the post.  768 took some kind of action (clicking the picture, clicking the link, yada yada).  Of those 768 actions, 162 were new people liking my page.  Nice!  That works out to under 10 cents per new like by people that I targeted upfront as possible candidates for my services.

Something I REALLY loved were the Shares and comments though.  41 people shared the post and ton (probably 40 or more as well) posted comments or messaged me directly asking for more information.

So…would I boost again?  Heck yea!  I already have.  The response hasn’t been nearly as good on my second try though.  I think that’s because I picked a different demographic this time and focused on credit score information instead.  Still, I’ve only invested $7 so far and I’ve reached 1,025 people and had 43 actions.  I’m sure I have a lot to learn as I play with this more, but I WILL be playing.  I would encourage you to try it as well and then let me know how it goes for you.

Wishing you continued success!