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Were You Raised in a Barn?

How can people have no pride? Isn’t concept of being clean just common sense? You don’t have to look at too many foreclosure properties to wonder about people. Folks letting their homes get so bad. No… “Bad” doesn’t even cover it…filthy, nasty, disgusting, and unsanitary.

If you can’t afford a vacuum cleaner…Don’t buy a home. If you can’t operate a cleansing pad….Don’t buy a home. If you don’t understand the term “Clean up your mess”…Don’t buy a home! If soap and water isn’t something you use on a daily basis…Don’t buy a home!   And,(sniff) could you stand over there?

Homes require maintenance. You don’t call the super or the owner to fix something….That person is you! If you can’t take care of a home and do the required maintenance…then contact a real estate agent and get it on the market before you let it deteriorate. Don’t expect full price offers either. They buyer is going to have to clean up and fix your mess.

At closing…New home owners are told…You don’t pay….You don’t stay. It’s not like you didn’t have warning. Homeowners who are having money problems, and think they could lose their home, better contact an agent and get it on the market or attempt a short sale. No good comes from denying there is a problem. At this point you can always buy another home when things get back to normal. I am amazed at the denial people go through! But selling off appliances, destroying the property…down to taking off light switch plates and removing light bulbs? The mentality of a person who would do this is just so childish.

I personally believe the people who do this…should be held accountable for what they have done. I was raised to believe that no matter how much or how little you had, you always took care of it.

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