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Me and my teams at all of our Real Estate companies take great pride in helping you with anything you need when it comes to purchasing or maintaining a property.

Buy Cash Flow Properties

Acquisitions Director of Buy Cash Flow Properties, a Tampa-based company that primarily provides turnkey houses for investors in the metropolitan Atlanta and Tampa Bay areas. Since 2012, Buy Cash Flow Properties has acquired and sold over 800 houses in the Atlanta area to International investors and U.S. buyers, primarily using their retirement accounts. They also built over 73 houses for the rental portfolios of hedge funds since 2014. Turnkey sales to investors exceeded $100 million over the last 3 years in GA.

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Fast Home Solutions

Fast Home Solutions is a Real Estate Investing company that specializes on buying property when the owner is in a challenging situation such as dealing with foreclosure, divorce, expensive home repairs, or a death in the family. The principals of Fast Home Solutions have been solving problems surrounding the circumstances of home ownership for over 25 years. We've been involved in more than 2,000 real estate transactions. Fast Home Solutions takes pride in creating fast workable solutions, that allow everyone to benefit in the transaction. Visit Website

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Real Estate Investor: Robert Palano

RJ Palano has acquired and sold properties in 12 states and over 50 cities throughout the USA. He bought his first house in 1977 and started acquiring foreclosures in 1979 in Western New York. By the late 1980’s he owned and managed over 300 houses. Mr. Palano’s property management experience spans over 35 years and he’s been involved in over 3,000 real estate transactions in 12 states and over 50 cities.

He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Real Estate with a Bachelor’s in finance. He takes pride in mentoring young professionals in the real estate field. He is a big proponent of Wounded Warrior and has a nephew who is a Navy Seal and another who is Captain in the Special Forces.  He’s in the process of creating a foundation to assist wounded veterans and their families.

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Who is RJ Palano?

Robert Palano makes ordinary people wealthy, and wealthy people achieve even more wealth! He has handled over 3,000 real estate transactions grossing over $150,000,000 in sales across the globe and in over 50 US states.

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